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Preparing to attend a parole hearing

Not all victims of crime attend a parole hearing of the offender who harmed them but they do have the choice.

If they choose to attend, victims have the opportunity to present a written victim statement directly to the board members at a parole hearing. A victim may also choose to present this statement on audio, videotape, CD or DVD rather than verbally. Your statement is your voice in the hearing process. For tips, please see the checklist.

To present a statement, a victim must submit a written request to the Parole Board of Canada in the region where the hearing will take place. For more information, read the Parole Board of Canada’s Presenting a statement page.

Find the necessary forms on the Parole Board of Canada's website.

Parole Board of Canada employees are available to answer victims' questions about preparing a statement. Call the victim's info-line toll free at 1-866-789-4636.