Annual Report (2013-2014) - Accessibility Page

Chart 1 OFOVC Case-Management Process

When Initial Contact with Client is made, the OFOVC assesses it to determine whether it is an Inquiry or a Complaint. In response to Inquiries, the OFOVC Opens a file, Provides the information requested and closes the File. For each Complaint, a file is opened and an assessment is completed. If the Assessment determines the complaint is outside the Bureau’s mandate , a referral to the appropriate organization or mechanism is provided and the file is closed. If the complaint is within the Bureau’s mandate, the case is reviewed and a solution recommended. If this leads to an early resolution, the file is then closed. If not, further recommendations are made and follow-up actions monitored until it is resolved. Then the file is closed. If a victim’s concern falls outside the Bureau’s mandate, the Complaint Review Bureau will refer them to the agencies or organizations best suited to assist them.

Chart 2. Total files opened April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, by reason for contact

Inquiry 327 (62%)
Complaint 182 (34%)
Inquiry and  Complaint 15 (3%)
Unable to determine 5 (1%)

Chart 3. Total files opened April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, by type of individual (Note: The total number of files opened was 529)

Direct victim 235
Family of the victim 89
Employer 2
Federal Government Department 5
Provincial/territorial government department 8
Member of Parliament 2
Non-governmental Organization 10
Police 4
Friend 5
Concerned citizen 19
Other 150

*Note: Total number of files opened was 529. The category “Other” includes persons who did not identify themselves or who did not correspond with an established category

Chart 4. Total files opened April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, by location

Location Number of files opened
Newfoundland and Labrador 7
Prince Edward Island 1
Nova Scotia 13
New Brunswick 20
Quebec 84
Ontario 174
Manitoba 6
Saskatchewan 13
Alberta 84
British Columbia 62
Yukon 1
Northwest Territories 2
Nunavut 1
United States of America 7
International 12
Unknown 42

Chart 5. Top five topics* on which the OFOVC provided assistance/information to individuals, April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014

Issues Number of contacts
OFOVC’s role and mandate 176
Other levels of government 227
Victim rights 93
Victim-serving programs 86
Safety concerns 48

N  = 630
*Note: A single file may have multiple associated issues, or topics

Chart 6. Highlights of 2012-2013 outreach activities

Date Event Location
April 9-10 National Forum on Community Safety and Ending  Violence Edmonton, AB
April 18-19 Moving the Conversation Forward (OFOVC hosted forum) Ottawa, ON
April 23 Consultation on the Victim Bill of Rights Ottawa, ON
April 24 Victims of Homicide Conference Edmonton, AB
May 2 Alberta Police-Based Victim Services Association Calgary, AB
May 8 W.A.V.E. Empowering Youth Day Mississauga, ON
May 13 Mission Parlementaire Française (Parliamentary mission from France) Ottawa, ON
June 4-6 Meeting the Needs of Victims of Terrorism : The Way Forward Los Angeles, CA
June 19 York Region Victim Services Toronto, ON
August 6 Meeting with commissioners of the inter-American Commission on Human Rights Ottawa, ON
September 9 Meeting with members of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Ottawa, ON
September 14 National Organization for Victim Assistance Columbus, OH
October 25 Saskatoon Aboriginal Women’s Group Saskatoon, SK
October 26 Alberta Region Victim Services Conference Banff, AB
October 31 Victims’ Forum Sudbury, ON
November 5 National Justice Committee Ottawa, ON
November 9 International Stop Cyberbullying Youth Summit Charlotttetown, PEI
November 14-16 Together Let’s Stop Trafficking Conference Ottawa, ON
January 17-18 Re-inventing Criminal Justice  6th National Symposium Ottawa, ON
January 23 Mount Royal University, Speaker Series: Victim Bill of Rights Calgary, AB
March 17 National Victims Justice Network Symposium Toronto, ON

Chart 7. Top five sources of referrals to the OFOVC from April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014

Sources of referrals Number of contacts
Website 134 (66%)
Federal victim services 31 (15%)
Word of mouth 15 (7%)
Brochure 13 (6%)
Member of Parliament 11 (5%)

Chart 8. Summary of 2013-2014 fiscal year actual expenditures*

Salaries and Wages $928,447
Information/communications $90,383
Training and professional dues $14,468
Professional and special services $101,142
Rentals $25,234
Repair and Maintenance $394
Utilities, Materials and Supplies $5,462
Acquisition of machinery and equipment $720
Travel and Relocation $60,773
Other $704
Sub-total Expended by Ombudsman’s Office $1,227,727
Corporate Costs (controlled centrally) $90,217
Total $1,317,944*

* Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) contributed to the cost of occupying and maintaining OFOVC offices.