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General statement:
Victims’ rights relating to federal offender transfers

As Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime, I cannot comment on specific cases.

The Office has consistently heard from victims that they are often dissatisfied about the lack of opportunities to participate in decision-making processes including those relating to transfers. The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights ensures victims have a right to complain if they feel their rights are not respected. They can complain to the specific federal organization or they can address their complaint to my Office.

My mandate includes promoting awareness of the needs and concerns of victims among criminal justice personnel and policy makers. In my new role as Ombudsman, I look forward to working with Senior Officials in the criminal justice system to create a more victim-centred approach in decision-making. Victims must be informed, considered, protected, and supported throughout.


Heidi Illingworth
Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime