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Office Of The Federal Ombudsman For Victims Of Crime Reports On First Successful Year Of Operations

OTTAWA (Ontario) February 4, 2009 - The Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime today released its 2007-08 Annual Report, outlining key accomplishments from its first full year of operations.

The Office, established in March 2007, was created as in independent resource for victims and helps them to address their needs, promotes their interests and makes recommendations to the federal government on issues that negatively impact them.

"The creation of the Office was an important step forward in helping victims understand their rights, access federal services and make their concerns known", explained the Office's first Ombudsman and long-time advocate for victims of crime, Steve Sullivan. "We're taking action to ensure that the federal government meets its responsibilities to victims. Our approach of listening to victims is one of the best ways we can make sure that's happening."

In its first year, the Office received more than 500 telephone calls and email messages, a number the Office has quickly surpassed in its second year of operations.

In addition to its direct contacts, the Office also promoted victims' interests in 2007-08 by making key recommendations to the federal government on issues such as increased information for victims of crime, meeting the needs of aboriginal victims within the corrections and parole system, legislative reform to enhance law enforcement abilities to identify victims of Internet-facilitated child sexual abuse, increased offender accountability for restitution to victims and recommendations to strengthen the capacity of the National Sex Offender Registry in order to assist law enforcement in their work to prevent crimes and protect children.

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Christina McDonald
Senior Communications Advisor