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Meet the Ombudsman

Sue O'Sullivan, Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime

Sue O'Sullivan

Throughout her career, Sue O'Sullivan has been an advocate for safe and healthy communities and for increased services to victims.

Ms. O'Sullivan began her distinguished career in policing in 1981, holding numerous leadership positions throughout her 30 years of service until retiring as Deputy Chief of Police (Ottawa). Continuing forward with her work, and drawing on her background and interest in assisting those affected by crime, Ms. O'Sullivan began an appointed term as Canada's Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime on August 16, 2010. After fulfilling two full three-year mandates, she was renewed for a one-year extension in August 2016.

During her time as Ombudsman, Ms. O'Sullivan has continually placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that victims' voices are heard at the federal level and has pushed for positive change for victims of crime in Canada, including making recommendations to the Government of Canada on legislative and policy amendments.


Ombudsman is a Swedish gender neutral word, means to represent the people and Sweden had the first Ombudsman in 1809.

Ms. O'Sullivan's passion for change and dedication to those she serves has been recognized on numerous occasions, including as recipient of the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals, the Police Exemplary Service Medal, la médaille "Vigilance et Loyauté – échelon Chêne d'argent- Sureté du Quebec", the 110th Anniversary of Scouts Canada Commemorative Centennial Medal and the YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award. Ms. O'Sullivan was also appointed, by her Excellency the Governor General of Canada, as an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces (2006).

Sue has a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Sociology with a subtitle in Criminology and Corrections (Carleton University) and is a graduate of the Police Leadership Program (OACP and the University of Toronto) and the Leadership in Counter Terrorism Program.

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